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Daytime Ritual

However you experience a day
weather you are self-employed
or employed in the service of another
it is possible
to view your life
Live & die in each moment.
Let go — be reborn into the next moment.
Make every act every thought
Practice this awareness
as you are able.
See yourself as a gift
offered to your world.
The energy you radiate
is the energy that returns to you.
Accept responsibility for it ALL.
Connect to everything to everyone
where you are.
Lightly inhale (a gentle whiff is all that’s required) — or massage a drop into the inside of your wrist — or open a SCENTAVO into which you’ve added 1-2 drops — from a bottle of the SCENTSIBLE LIFE Essential Oil of your choice, to receive desired support win the following ways:
— centering & grounding                                                                                              
— relieve tension & stress                                                                                               
— clarity in thoughts & feelings                                                                                   
— raise spirits & balance perception                                                                           
— raise spirits & balance perception                                                                           
— clearer communication                                                                                              
— reduce muscle inflammation                                                                                  
— soothe headache
Poems and text writen and published by Scentsible Life's founder Andrea Schally, with the help of Auralia Haselboeck, George Sadi Kerr, and Susan Tossman in 1994