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Your Journal

This is your place to let go of all outside demands. Sit back & relax. Here you are free to rediscover pleasure, joy, pampering, & nurturing. As you tour the following rooms, & develop your own personal SPA regimen, our staff is at hand to assist, guide, & advise.
Plant essences help to heal & restore our bodies on every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Keeping a journal will help you to note details of your experiences, responses, memories, feelings, & dreams as you work with these healing tools.
In considering your unique SPA needs, ponder your daily activities. What actions do you perform out of obligation? — or on automatic pilot? Creating your own SPA rituals will help you to become more aware of conscious & unconscious devisions & actions. You can begin to live from a position of responsibility & deliberate choice. YOU know what is most beneficial for you. By focusing on healing yourself, you draw an energy of healing to the entire planet — just by being YOU.
Poems and text writen and published by Scentsible Life's founder Andrea Schally, with the help of Auralia Haselboeck, George Sadi Kerr, and Susan Tossman in 1994