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Welcome to Schally Scentsible Life Spa!

I created Scentsible Life over twenty years ago, reviving time-proven recipes for skincare & emotional well-being. My goal in bringing these products to the public was to reintroduce nature’s gifts in their purest form, provide therapeutic effectiveness, & draw attention to the exceptional vibrations of nature. I grew up in Austria, in an area where spas & treatments with flowers, herbs, & nature-derived botanicals were a way of living. Drawing from this experience, I researched & developed recipes, & began making my own line of products. 

I was introduced to aromatherapy & using essential oils for healing when I was a child. For wounds & scratches, my mother simply cleansed the would & applied lavender oil. If I had an upset stomach, I was given chamomile tea or a drop of German chamomile essential oil on a sugar cube. As a teenager, when my skin changed & I developed acne, my grandmother cooked oatmeal with lemon juice — that was my cleanser. She picked lavender flowers from the garden & made the lavender tea that I used as a toner for balancing & treating breakouts. To protect my skin, she simply added essential oils of lavender, tea tree, & chamomile to almond & hazelnut oil. In addition to this skin ritual — as a weekly treatment — all of the women in my family indulged in a facial. We sat around, steaming our faces with Rosemary, thyme, & lavender flowers — then we used oatmeal mixed with milk as a cleanser, & afterwards applied a mask made with green clay, pulverized lavender flowers, & essential oils of chamomile, lemon, & rosemary. While enjoying our mask treatments we drank Grandmother’s soothing, calming herbal tea — a blend of St. John’s Wort, Melissa, & chamomile.

In my memory, those evenings were very special, it was a time when women got together to have a good time. It gave me a feeling of being cared for, of belonging, of pleasure, & at the same time of becoming beautiful and radiant.

Years Later, when I met my teachers/advisors Aurelia Haselboeck & George Kerr, I rediscovered the pleasure & healing power of essential oils — this time I healed myself of chronic migraines using simple peppermint essential oil treatments, lavender baths, & consciously getting in touch with the emotional components of my headaches. The experience of curing my migraines, & reconnecting to my childhood encounters with aromatherapy, motivated me to create my own aromatherapy practice — to share the healing power of nature. 

My interest has been to find an effective skincare regimen that is in harmony with the environment, is truly natural, authentic, & keeps the vibrancy & potency of the ingredients. Over the years I have formulated my products using the healing, balancing, rejuvenating, cell-restoring properties of essential oils — adding them to bases of nurturing, soothing, moisturizing oils of jojoba, hazelnut, almond, & others.

As I have developed & used these products it has been a pleasure & surprise to experience my skin becoming more vibrant — dryness & oiliness disappearing. 

Modern Life evolves around high performance & constantly keeping up with new technical improvements. There is a compelling tendency to develop habits that support these external systems & demands — but at the loss of a personal sense of self. This loss — this neglect of our personal lives — nurtures a separation consciousness — separation between each other, & separation between ourselves & nature. 

Now I am pleased to present Scentsible Life Aromatherapy/Products in the form of a SPA . My goal is to work with you in establishing an awareness of personal health & well-being that integrates into every day life — rituals that you can translate into your daily personal routine 

— ANDREA SCHALLY Director/Head Empresario


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