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Evening Ritual

1. As you strip off your clothes & put on your bathrobe, also strip off any weight of the world that you may be carrying on your shoulders.
2. Run a bath — combine BATH SALTS with SCENTSIBLE LIFE Essential Oil blend of your choice, add to bath water. Smell the oil. Hear the water splashing into the tub. (Nice.)
3. As the tub fills, combine CLAY MASK with either TONER (for oily skin), yogurt or milk (for dry skin), or spring water — add enough to obtain a creamy consistency. Set aside while you perform step 4.
4. Cleanse face with CLEANSING POWDER.
5. Apply CLAY MASK. Ahhh! wonderful!
6. Soak in bath. Allow your thoughts to wander, feel the water. Do this for 15 minutes or for as long as you wish. 
7. After bath, as you rinse off mask, allow all other “masks” that you may have worn during the day to come away. Lovely!
8. From this grounded place, create a pleasurable, passionate & fun evening.
Poems and text writen and published by Scentsible Life's founder Andrea Schally, with the help of Auralia Haselboeck, George Sadi Kerr, and Susan Tossman in 1994