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Citrus limon (L) burm.f.

5mL Bottle

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Originally native to South Asia and Northeast India, this thorny, evergreen tree was prized in the middle ages for its healing and cleaning properties. Traveling far and wide, lemon trees are commonly found across the globe, and can be easily seen in Europe and the Americas (especially California!). Cultivation of the essential oil comes from cold pressing the rind.

Aroma: Strong, bright, lemony

Uses: Lymph stimulant, mildly anti-septic, mildly germicidal, calms erratic energy


There are so many amazing properties of Lemon Essential Oil that we can't possibly list them all on our website. Instead, we strongly encourage you to contact us so we can give you specific information on how to use this oil to benefit your specific needs.

Send us an email or call us at Scentsible Life. We look forward to helping you!


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