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Pogostemon cablin

5mL Essential Oil

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Native to Southeast Asia, Patchouli is a bushy, flowering, perennial herb, growing about 2-3 feet tall and is a member of the mint family. Used as an insect repellent during shipping, the scent was served as a proof of origin for silk and cashmere fabrics imported from India. The scent is said to improve with age and consequently aged batches are valued more than fresh. The color varies depending on the distillation equipment

Aroma: Heavy, strong, woody, earthy with slightly fruity light notes

Uses: Anti-depressant, mood-enhancing, insecticidal, anti-inflammatory


There are so many amazing properties of Patchouli Essential Oil that we can't possibly list them all on our website. Instead, we strongly encourage you to contact us so we can give you specific information on how to use this oil to benefit your specific needs.

Send us an email or call us at Scentsible Life. We look forward to helping you!


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